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Prior to renting this, my first chair as an independent hairdresser, I worked for two years at a top Intercoiffure salon in Queen Anne with a crew of exceptional hairdressers, and I am forever grateful to them for their efforts and thoughtful support, which has gotten me here, to you.

I’m a mom myself, of three grown children, and me and those three and their father co-exist quite peacefully together in a funky messed-up home in North Seattle. I’ve the good fortune to have a loving partner in my husband, who continues to support me in my ambitions as a hairdresser. He and I volunteered at Salmon Bay K-8 in the Ballard neighborhood quite the fair bit, and I co-led a community-wide effort to build a very special playground for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and then went on to raise money through one of our three very special Spelling Bees, where our house-crafted and very drunken Bee Sting Special usually took first place.

I chose the name Cardinal Beauty for my business and my brand as a native Ohioan, because the distinctive cardinal — the state’s bird — is quite possibly the most welcomed sight I remember from my childhood, no matter the season but especially in the depths of a long cold winter. The sight of them flocking to a feeder in the backyard against the backdrop of all that snow is deeply beautiful to me. But also, there is something very elemental and fundamental about me and how I relate to the world at large, and it seemed a natural fit which defines “cardinal.”

The thing about me is that while lucky to live in the PNW, I am always missing northeast Ohio. With each breath in the PNW, I am missing home, and am at heart always a native Clevelandette, deeply in love with the land she grew up on. Seattle has her charms, for sure, but I am a little homesick every day.