How to choose the right cut for you

The Cardinal rules for selecting a great cut

Choosing a new cut is exciting, for you and for your stylist. This is the time where your consultation will be absolutely critical to finding the best look for you. Here are my three Cardinal Rules for Flattering Haircuts.

Consider your face shape

Great haircuts can either highlight features you want to play-up, or disguise features you’d rather downplay. For example:

    • Oblong-shaped faces (your face is longer than it is wide) are sometimes better with shorter to medium styles, with plenty of volume, and a soft fringe or full-on bang.
    • Round-shaped faces (your face is as wide as it is long), do well with haircuts have a lot of volume on top, and definitely consider off-center partings and anything other than chin-length. Fullness on the crown with hair cut in close to the sides of your face will make your face appear longer & thinner. Avoid chin-length & rounded cuts, and fringes or bangs
    • Heart-shaped faces (narrow at the jaw & wide at the cheekbones or forehead) do really well with cuts that emphasizes your eyes and cheekbones, so consider adding bangs or a little volume along the sides and go chin-length or longer styles. Try to avoid something with a lot of height at the crown.
    • Square-shaped faces (wide as it is long) usually pair better with cuts that don’t highlight your jawline, like shorter bobs.

Let your stylist be your guide

By the time we’ve cut our 100th haircut, stylists have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. If you have a cute cut in mind, but your stylist is not so sure it will work out, take a moment to consider their suggestion. If you decide to move forward against their advice, ask them how to make adjustments for the particular cut as it grows out — together, the two of you can make a plan to help even the shortest cut grow out well. This is often the point where a great relatinship can grow between you and your trusted advisor.

Be practical

If you’re a get-up-and-go type in the morning, with no time to worry about your hair, then that absolutely must factor into your selected haircut. Some cuts require a lot of styling at home, and if you’re not up to it, then choose something simpler for you. And your hair texture, too, is very important. If your hair is curly and you’re drawn to a sleek bob,  you’re going to need to style it every day. If your hair is silky and straight, and you’re drawn to a short cut with lots of volume, you’re going to need to style it every day. Have kinky hair but are drawn to waves? Guess what? You’re going to need to style it every day.