Root retouch

Root retouch

A root retouch is when we simply apply your base color to your roots because your natural color/natural grey is showing again. For clients whose hair is resistant (like you lucky silver foxes), we may apply a pre-softening treatment to combat the resistance, which also helps to prevent fading.

How often should I retouch my roots

Root retouches typically take 4-6 weeks after your last appointment. Four weeks if your hair grows quickly, six weeks if your hair grows more like mine (which is way too slowly).

How can I prevent color fade?

The best way to prevent color fade in between services is to wash infrequently, use color-safe shampoos, and wash in cool water. If your all-over color has faded at the time of your root retouch, and you want to blend the colors, we can add a toner or gloss/glaze to your hair — it adds no time to your overall service, but you will pay for the extra color product.